The title is from a book I’ve read but don’t remember. Nonetheless, the words in the image are right from my heart.

“I shouldn’t have let you in.” I keep thinking that. I really shouldn’t have. After all, was it really worth it? A few days of love for an endless suffering? I don’t think so.

Love was supposed to be something really great. And yes, it was! But good things doesn’t last much in my life. And you were the best thing that had happened to me. I didn’t even expect you to stay, nor you did.

Now that you’re gone (you were never here? But for a second I thought you were) I think the walls that you broke to get a place in my heart. That place is empty and it has left a hole in my chest. Thanks for letting me know that the walls I made to protect my heart were not high enough. I’ll build them higher.