Ghosts! That’s right. The thing that managed to scare me for a good amount of time. The thing (or I should rather say the idea) that scared me for a good sixteen years still scare me after twenty years of being in this world, albeit in a different way now.

I used to be scared of ghosts, and I don’t feel any shame in admitting this. Sometimes I think that maybe it is a part of parenting, because as a curious kid the only thing that kept me away from trying out crazy things was this idea of ghosts instilled in me by my parents. I always stepped back from getting into dark hallways, or unlit roads.

Talking of dark hallways and unlit paths, now my life is full of it. And it seems like my parents can no longer save me from it. There comes a time you have to face your fears, and to be honest I’ve faced a lot of these fears and in fact so many times that now I’m not afraid of anything, anymore.

Although the idea of ghosts seem pretty childish to me now, I’ve come to learn that there are all kinds of ghosts, much more dangerous than what my seven-years-old self could imagine.