Grief is a love that has no home.

​I read this beautiful line somewhere on the social media and I found it so beautiful that I decided to squeeze in some time from these busy days to write a little bit about it.

Being a person who has lost many people over these years, I can surely say this line expresses the feeling of grief like no other does.

Yes, some of them had to leave this world. They had no choice. While some had to leave my world, and I think they didn’t have any choice either. But what hurts the most is all this huge amount of love that is inside me. It tries to find a home. A home where it can go and stay. And that home has went away with those people and now all I have is love without a place where I can pour it. I think this is exactly what grief is – lack of a place to pour your love. It makes you feel like your heart is heavy with all that love inside. And all you can do is let out a deep sigh.


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